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Bosch GSL 2 – Floor Surface Levelling Laser

April 11, 2016 / no comments, on Reviews

Bosch GSL 2

The Bosch GSL 2 is a interior laser tool that checks the levelness of a floor surface allowing the user to mark any highs or lows and so making fixing the problem far easier than traditional methods.  The Bosch GSL 2 is designed for Concreter’s, Tilers and other specialist installation applications to enable them make highly accurate level floors quickly.  However you check for level now on your internal floors this tool is far, far quicker.

It works by projecting two laser line onto the floor in a “V” formation with the bottom of the “V” being one single line along the floor if two lines start to appear then the floor is not exactly level and the wider the two lines are apart the bigger the dip or crest on the floor.

The Bosch GSL 2 rotates on its base so you can quickly sweep around the room to check all of it from one location.  There are two versions of the Bosch GSL 2, one which you manually rotate and another that has a motorised base and remote control.

The Bosch GSL 2 comes with a target plate that helps you determine wether you have a dip or a crest in the floor and extends the usable range in brighter conditions.


Fast and Easy

No need to bend down, re-measure, or get someone to assist you: even large surfaces can be comfortably checked by only one person with a remote control!


The GSL 2 enables to see the high and low spots at a glance with accuracy and reliability

Complete coverage

Unlike conventional spot checking methods the GSL 2 checks floor surface in a radius of up to 60ft in just a few minutes. It saves time and increases the accuracy

Laser diode 635 nm, < 5 mW
Operating temperature -10 – 50 °C
Storage temperature -20 – 70 °C
Laser class 3R
Working range 10 m
Working range without receiver 10 m
Working range with target plate 20 m
Accuracy ± 0.3 mm/m
Self-levelling range ± 4°
Levelling time 5 s
Dust and splash protection IP 54
Power supply 10.8 V-LI ION battery
Operating time (max.) 15 h
Weight, approx. 2 kg
Length 215 mm
Width 170 mm
Height 200 mm
Projection 2 lines

The the Bosch GSL2 is not a tool for everyone but for those specific application if can save considerable time and money.  Once you have decided that this is the tool for you, then you need to consider weather to get the non motorised or the motorised SET version.  With the non motorised ideally you need two people one to rotate and one to spot the laser and mark any irregularities.  With the motorised version its a one man operation that can be performed in just a few minutes.

Bosch GSL 2 SET (motorised version) HERE


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